Nico Mattorano

Executive Assistant

Serving as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Acquisition Officer in the Acquisition department, Nico Mattorano brings over 20 years of experience to Phoenix Capital Group. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Nico has previously served as a C-Suite executive assistant in different industries, showcasing her multitasking abilities, problem-solving skills, and exceptional customer service.

Growing up in Western Europe, Nico is a mother of three, happily married to her husband PJ, and shares her home with three lovely furbabies. Beyond work, Nico enjoys capturing moments at car shows and traveling with her husband. Having overcome cancer, Nico values and appreciates each and every day. Her goal at Phoenix Capital Group is to be invaluable, providing crucial support and ensuring the smooth functioning of daily operations, contributing to the company’s success.

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