Phoenix Operating

Delivering Value Through the Drill Bit

Launched as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix Capital Group in 2023, Phoenix Operating is the company’s dedicated operating arm in the Williston, Powder River, and DJ Basins. Phoenix Operating is committed to domestic oil and gas development projects that maximize efficiency, minimize surface disturbance, and deliver lasting value for landowners and investors.

Brandon Allen

President of Phoenix Operating, Partner

Brandon Allen brings over 18 years of experience in the Oil & Gas business to Phoenix Operating. His experience spans multiple basins throughout the US, allowing him to gain expertise in reservoir engineering, SEC reserves estimation and reporting, financial reporting, operations planning, asset development and planning, as well as acquisition evaluation. At Phoenix Operating, Brandon will be maintaining the reserves for all Phoenix ownership, in addition to upstream operations planning and development.

David Scadden

Executive Vice President – Operations, Partner

Before joining Phoenix, David Scadden spent over a decade accumulating operational Oil & Gas experience throughout the American West. Serving in roles spanning from onsite supervision to engineering management, he has contributed to drilling projects in the San Juan Basin, Piceance Basin, DJ Basin, Eagle Ford, Granite Wash, and Williston Basin. At Phoenix Operating, David leads all upstream operations from initial pad construction to sales.

Mark Johnson

Executive Vice President – Land/Regulatory/HSE, Partner

With over 30 years of Oil & Gas business leadership experience, Mark Johnson brings decades of sector-specific expertise to his role as Executive Vice President – Land/Regulatory/HSE at Phoenix Operating. As a liaison between industry, individuals, and governing bodies, Mark works closely with state agencies, federal agencies, and Tribal Nations to ensure regulatory compliance. Mark is passionate about making transparent business decisions that are good for all stakeholders involved.

Christ Marshall

Managing Director, Field Operations, Partner

With expertise in site and facility construction, as well as an extensive background and passion for all aspects of Production, Christ Marshall brings valuable insights to Phoenix Operating. He joins us with 15 years of experience in both upstream and midstream sectors, having successfully built and managed two field offices in the Bakken. At Phoenix Operating, Christ is a key member of the operating team, focusing on Construction, I&E, Measurement, and Production, while also leading our team-building efforts in North Dakota.

Nick Daniele

VP of Geology, Partner

Nick Daniele has over 10 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas sector, working on unconventional and conventional exploration, development, and operations in multiple different basins across the country. He began his career in operations and development, transitioned to exploration, appraisal, and business development, then became a Geoscience department manager. Beyond his professional journey, Nick has a Master’s Degree in Geology from the Colorado School of Mines.

Nathan Burget

VP of Land, Partner

Nathan Burget joins the team with over 10 years of industry experience in the oil and gas sector, with extensive knowledge in the acquisition and divestiture of operated assets. Before joining the team, he worked for an E&P company where he focused on various areas including federal leases, agreements, and Tribal Nation surface relations just to name a few. Here at Phoenix Operating, he is responsible for acreage swaps, JVs, and acquisitions, ensuring we have proper documentation in place with all federal and state agencies.

Adrian Reece

VP of Completions, Partner

Adrian Reece, the VP of Completions at Phoenix Operating, brings over 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Adrian’s professional journey began with SLB, where he held various operational engineering and management roles. His expertise spans multiple basins, covering both conventional and unconventional assets, and he has performed multiple consulting, engineering, and management roles for various operators, showcasing key skills developed over two decades of well construction experience.

Rebecca Gray

Accounting Manager, Partner

Rebecca Gray, the Accounting Manager at Phoenix Operating, brings 20 years of Oil and Gas industry experience with an MBA and a CPA license. With a solid professional background, including nine years at Newfield Exploration and a decade at Great Western Petroleum as the Operations Accounting Manager, Rebecca excels in Operations accounting, adept at collaborating with various departments within the oil and gas sector.

Richard Haefele

Senior Reservoir Analyst, Partner

Richard Haefele, a Senior Reservoir Analyst at Phoenix Operating, brings over 30 years of industry experience. Proven ability to interpret and analyze data, providing valuable insights for reservoir development strategies. Adept at utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to maximize hydrocarbon recovery while ensuring environmental compliance. Strong leadership capabilities demonstrated through collaboration with multidisciplinary teams and the execution of reservoir management plans.

Lauren Lord

Division Order Analyst

With several years of industry experience, Lauren Lord serves as a Division Order Analyst at Phoenix Operating. Prior to joining the team, Lauren worked at Lario Oil & Gas Company, where she served as a Land Technician, gaining expertise in Division Order duties. Known for her ability to navigate diverse responsibilities with ease, Lauren played a significant role in the success of Lario Permian, a Permian asset consisting of around 25,000 acres, which was sold to Diamondback for 1.5 billion.

Current and Upcoming Operations

Williams County and Divide County, ND

Phoenix Operating’s early drilling operations will center on Williams County and Divide County in North Dakota. Our team will be developing our acreage with 3-mile Bakken laterals to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing surface disturbance. Phoenix Operating Drilling Program commenced in September 2023.

D-J Basin and Powder River

The Phoenix Operating team is in the planning stages to develop its acreage positions in Laramie County and Converse County, WY. We anticipate a mid-2024 start date for drilling in both regions and will be providing further updates on operations as they are available.

Our Mission

The Phoenix Operating mission is to tap into the potential of unconventional mineral assets across the country. We strive to deliver additional value to project stakeholders while bringing much-needed energy resources to American consumers.

Working in Wyoming, North Dakota, and beyond, we establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between O&G operators and mineral owners to ensure that no hydrocarbons (or hidden value) are left behind. In an industry dominated by large E&P companies with Wall Street connections, we take pride in a unique, people-oriented business model and vision that prioritizes long-term stability for employees and land owners alike.

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