Phoenix Acquisitions

Phoenix Capital Group Activity Snapshot

Redefining Acquisitions

When monetizing mineral assets, deciphering what you own is the first part of the battle. The land team at Phoenix is here to represent you. From independent mineral owners with fractional interests to institutional oil and gas operations with 1000+ acres, we specialize in helping American land owners maximize the value of their property’s mineral assets via the following acquisitions:

Mineral Interest

Mineral interest covers all rights and privileges associated with ownership, including the right to lease, reasonable use of the surface, the right to produce and develop oil and gas, and the right to receive royalties.

Overriding Royalty Interests

Overriding royalty provides fractional interest in the proceeds or revenue from the oil and gas sold under an oil and gas lease. Generally created when the owner or lessee conveys their leasehold interest to another party.

Leasehold Interests

Leasehold interests give the lessee the temporary right to explore, develop, produce, and market oil, gas, and hydrocarbons, and to receive royalties from a mineral estate. The term varies based on the contract.

Perpetual Royalty Interests

Perpetual royalty interests include the right to receive future royalties that have been severed from the interest of a mineral estate. These interests are directly tied to the mineral estate and exist in perpetuity.

Mineral Rights the Phoenix Way

Our Sale and Leasing Process

As your partners, we ensure that the sale/lease of your mineral rights is as quick, efficient, and transparent as possible using our time-tested, expert-approved 3-step process. Here’s how it works:


Following a preliminary assessment of your ownership, we’ll provide valuation via an official offer to purchase the interest in question.

Ownership Confirmation

Once the offer is accepted and signed, we’ll perform a follow-up check on your title to ensure that the transaction can be completed as scheduled.


The final payment is tendered and the process is almost complete. On average, the closing timeline takes roughly 20 business days.

In many cases, land owners have post-sale follow-up questions regarding taxation and royalty payments – as your partners, we’re always available to provide clarification and assistance. We’ve also answered a few common questions here.

Thinking of taking the next steps? We’re here to help. Reach out below to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our oil and gas experts.