Christi Lacey Lile

Minerals Specialist

Christi Lacey Lile, a Minerals Specialist in the Acquisitions department, brings a diverse background as a professional speaker and extensive senior sales experience, including sales management, team building, and recruiting. Proficient in interpersonal communication and client relationship building, Christi excels in connecting with others.

Residing in Denver, Colorado, Christi is a proud parent to three boys and a girl. She is also an animal lover and finds joy in golf, dancing, and working out. Christi’s favorite aspect of her job lies in establishing lasting relationships with her clients. Guided by a valuable lesson learned in her career – to listen more than she speaks and never prejudge a client – Christi considers her father her role model. Living out his legacy in the oil business with Phoenix Capital Group, she takes pride in her role as a mother to her amazing children, considering it one of her most cherished personal achievements.

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