Devin Graves

Capital Markets, Senior Vice President

Devin Graves, our Senior Vice President in Capital Markets, boasts over 20 years of finance expertise, holding a Bachelor of Business Administration and the RICP designation. His wealth of experience stems from owning and managing various businesses, encompassing automotive, finance, real estate companies, and a financial planning practice.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Devin is the owner of a working cattle ranch in Oklahoma — a place for his son to acquire invaluable skills. Hailing from Hollis, Oklahoma, Devin enjoys helping individuals and families build security and financial health. Inspired by “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and committed to the motto “We aren’t born knowing how to win at life; we have to learn and build that skill set,” Devin aspires to contribute his career built on grit to enhance value for clients, recognizing the importance of continual learning and improvement.

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