Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC Expands Capital Markets Division for Investor Relations

Summary: Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC, is excited to announce it has promoted Matt Willer to serve as the lead for its expanded Capital Markets division with additional expansion of the investor relations department.

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is excited to announce that it will expand its Capital Markets division for both capital markets and the investor relations department. Matt Willer has been promoted to Managing Director of Capital Markets to continue to lead the Capital Markets department. He previously served as vice president of Capital Markets.

Join over 1,000 investors and learn more about the philosophy behind Phoenix Capital Group as we strive to bring unique investment opportunities to individuals. Our private corporate bond offerings are audited and filed with the SEC and FINRA. We offer short- and long-term solutions with returns ranging from 8-12% APY, paid monthly.

Phoenix Capital Group has a growing base of more than 1,400 investors, necessitating an expansion of the division to meet the demand and ensure top-level investor communication continues. In addition, the firm recently rolled out Regulation A+ and expanded Regulation D offerings, which are expected to generate significant investor interest.

Serving under Matt Willer on the Capital Markets team will be associates Cameron Smart, Bradford Potthoff, and Jimmy Kochannski. The team will also be growing to add new members soon.

The Investor Relations division hires critical team members to assist in dedicated account and specialist roles to ensure seamless relations with valued investors. Brynn Ferrari, interim VP for the department, leads this critical build-out. Ferrari comes with managing experience at Amazon, Omnicom Group, and Estee Lauder Companies.

Phoenix Capital Group plans to build a customer service and investor relations team to meet the demand of prospective interest and handle inquiries from its existing customer base. With new technology buildouts and an emphasis on automation, these new process efficiencies will be an optimized system for investors to track their accounts and monthly interest payments.

One of the main pillars of the firm is to provide high-touch white-glove customer service for all aspects of the investor journey, which includes education about their offerings, onboarding new investors into their portal, answering questions about investments, and much more.

Expanding and building out its Capital Markets team will allow Phoenix Capital Group to handle the expected influx of new investors. In addition, it will enable the team to maintain the quality of its customer service while the investor base grows.

Between July and December of 2022, Phoenix Capital Group paid more than $7.2 million in investor payments, with continued and increased success projected throughout 2023.

In addition to its impressive suite of current offerings, Phoenix Capital Group is rolling out new Regulation A+ and expanded Regulation D offerings.

Open to all investors; the Regulation A+ offering requires a $5,000 minimum investment. In three years, the investment will generate a 9% APY for a total ROI of 27%, based on monthly payments of 0.75%.

Phoenix Capital Group’s Regulation D offerings are open to accredited investors only with a $100,000 minimum investment. Investors can choose their terms between nine months and seven years and receive an APY between 8% and 12%. They can also choose between monthly payments with a total ROI between 6% and 84% or monthly compounding with a tangible ROI between 6.16% and 130.67%.

The firm is excited about these offerings and its expanded Capital Markets division for investor relations. Together, they will help Phoenix Capital Group continue to serve investors well.

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