How Adam Ferrari, CEO of Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, is Shaping a New Era in Mineral Rights

For years, companies in the oil and gas sector have focused on driving profits for bankers and middlemen. Phoenix Capital Group, led by CEO Adam Ferrari, is taking a different approach with the aim of transforming the industry and benefiting individual stakeholders in the process.

Phoenix Capital Group’s mission is to prioritize the interests of individual investors and landowners. The company takes a personal interest in the people and families who own the mineral assets beneath their land, reflecting the family mentality that permeates Phoenix Capital Group.

Family at the Core

Family is at the heart of everything Phoenix Capital Group does. The company has established a close-knit atmosphere at every level, aiming to improve the lives of families who own mineral rights as well as individual investors.

The Ferraris, like any family, have faced and overcome significant adversity. In 2017, Adam’s father, Daniel, was paralyzed from the neck down after a routine flu shot. Despite this tragic incident, the Ferrari family remained undeterred.

Their resilience led to the establishment of Phoenix Capital Group. Much like the mythical phoenix that rises from the ashes, symbolizing hope and renewal, Phoenix Capital Group’s unique approach aims to do the same for its clients.

Unlocking Potential from the Ground Up  

Phoenix Capital Group is committed to unlocking the full, long-term potential of mineral assets. Under CEO Adam Ferrari’s leadership, the company empowers stakeholders to maximize the value of their assets and secure financial independence.

Transparency is central to Phoenix Capital Group’s operations. The company seeks to educate all landowners by providing comprehensive insights into the true value of their mineral rights assets, equipping them with the tools needed to navigate asset management intricacies.

This marks a significant departure from old industry standards, which are often shrouded in confusion and obscure the true value of assets. Phoenix Capital Group also democratizes access to high-yield investment opportunities through its Regulation A+ and Regulation D offerings.

While these bonds are not specifically targeted at landowners unless they have previously sold their land or mineral rights to Phoenix Capital Group and decided to reinvest in the company, they serve a vital purpose. Reg A+ bonds are designed to fund acquisition and operational efforts rather than generate passive income from properties. Though not highly risky, there is always an inherent element of risk involved in such investments.

This approach is backed by results. The company ended its first year in business in 2019 with $194,000 in revenue. Just four years later, in 2023, the company generated $123 million in revenue—a four-year CAGR of 402% and a year-over-year increase of 114%.

A Future of Opportunity and Prosperity 

Under Adam Ferrari’s leadership, Phoenix Capital Group is dedicated to fostering an inclusive investment environment and ushering in a new era in mineral rights. The company envisions a future where prosperity and opportunity are accessible to all, not just a select few.

Profit is not the end goal for Adam Ferrari or Phoenix Capital Group. Instead, Ferrari envisions a future where landowners and investors can create a lasting legacy of empowerment and generational wealth. By breaking down barriers and democratizing access to high-yield investment opportunities, Phoenix Capital Group seeks to create a paradigm shift in the oil and gas sector.


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