Monica Josephson


Monica Josephson, a seasoned Landman in the Land department, brings a wealth of experience and a background in Graphic Design with a focus on Marketing and Web Design to Phoenix Capital Group. Her expertise includes the proficient use of surveying tools and equipment, coupled with meticulous record-keeping of land management activities. Monica thrives on the diverse responsibilities and continuous learning inherent in her role, and she looks forward to furthering her education to gain a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks related to land rights, contracts, and property laws.

Outside of work, Monica finds joy in various pursuits such as traveling, hiking, reading, painting, and crafting handmade beaded jewelry. As the owner of a small business, she takes pride in her accomplishments in designing and creating unique jewelry pieces. Driven by a commitment to leverage her skills, experience, and knowledge, Monica is dedicated to contributing to the overall success of Phoenix Capital Group.

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