Chloe Jimenez

Assistant, Investor Relations

Having previously served as an Executive Assistant at a VC/PE firm, Chloe Jimenez, our Investor Relations Assistant, brings several years of experience and valuable skills to the Investor Relations team. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in international business, she excels in customer service and building meaningful relationships with clients. One of her notable career achievements includes organizing a high-profile investor outreach event in Mexico, showcasing her meticulous planning, excellent customer service, and the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges.

Beyond work, Chloe immerses herself in the world of literature, passionately reading and writing, with some of her poetry and short stories published in a local journal. Additionally, she is pursuing an MBA at the University of Colorado, Denver, with a concentration in Marketing and PR, aiming to integrate these skills into her role. Her cultural diversity as a Puerto Rican, coupled with fluency in Spanish, adds an interesting dimension to her profile.

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