Caroline Scroggins

VP of Marketing

Caroline Scroggins is a highly accomplished marketing professional with a distinguished 22-year career spanning diverse industries, including television news, safety apparel, fashion, beauty, and paper-crafting. Her extensive background encompasses successful collaborations with startups and large-scale companies, demonstrating expertise in marketing, sales, branding, CPG product development, corporate communications, and PR.

Caroline’s strategic and tactical abilities shine through in her track record of leading marketing campaigns from concept to market launch, consistently delivering outstanding results. She excels in identifying captivating stories and crafting compelling headlines that resonate with target audiences, showcasing her creativity and deep understanding of current trends.

A collaborative leader, Caroline emphasizes the power of teamwork, recognizing that individual success contributes directly to the collective triumph of the team. She is committed to nurturing the growth and development of each team member, elevating overall team performance and success.

Driven by the philosophy that “Time is money,” Caroline approaches her work with an unwavering commitment to efficiency and maximizing productivity. Her proactive approach and sense of urgency ensure every moment counts in achieving extraordinary results.


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