Phoenix Capital Group is Embracing New Marketing Methods to Reach More Potential Investors

Phoenix Capital Group, a leading mineral acquisitions company in the oil and gas industry, is embracing innovative campaigns to reach potential investors.

Since its founding, Phoenix Capital Group has taken a different approach to a traditional industry. As a leading mineral acquisitions company in the oil and gas industry, Phoenix Capital Group has sought to disrupt the sector by taking a completely new approach. The company aims to unlock the energy sector for all by removing financial intermediaries and bringing high-yield bonds directly to investors.

The company realizes that to do this successfully, it must work in step with all parts of Phoenix Capital Group, and one of those key partner groups is the valued direct investors.

To that point, Phoenix Capital Group is initiating new marketing and outreach efforts, led by a developing marketing team in partnership with the capital markets department. In addition, the company is conducting social media marketing campaigns and pushing digital, print, and event initiatives.

Brynn Ferrari, VP of Marketing, is spearheading this approach at Phoenix Capital Group after years of experience working with various Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Sarah Stankevitz is joining Matt Willer, VP of Capital Markets, to share Phoenix Capital Group’s vision of accessible financial offerings for both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Their efforts have helped Phoenix Capital Group connect with the everyday consumer through social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube, providing people with other ways to learn about the company’s investment opportunities.

Historically, access to high-yield energy investments were restricted to institutional investors. Phoenix Capital Group wants to change that. The company is conducting its first multi-city tour to bring investment opportunities and passive income solutions directly to consumers. The company has held successful events in California, Colorado, and Indiana, with a list of events for the remainder of the year. Those interested can contact [email protected] to learn more.

Those who cannot physically attend Phoenix Capital’s in-person events can join virtually through investor webinars which help to educate potential investors around the country — no matter where they are located. In addition, participants can download a digital guide to review materials, risks, and more at their convenience. The offering circular and private place memorandum, prospectively for the Reg A+ and Reg D offerings, are available to any investor. The company encourages potential investors to review the necessary documents to assess risks in-depth.

Since its founding, Phoenix Capital Group has always embraced technology, believing it provides immense power to find new mineral acquisition opportunities and reach new investors who may not have heard of them otherwise.

Through these efforts in both marketing and technology, Phoenix Capital Group can identify different audiences outside of the core audience, which has allowed the company to expand its client base.

This is just another way that Phoenix Capital Group is changing the way business is done as it continues to disrupt the mineral rights industry.

About Phoenix Capital Group:

Founded in 2019, Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is a leading oil and gas mineral rights acquisition and non-operated working interest enterprise headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The family-owned company is a technology led and client-centric focused organization that is dedicated to developing partnerships with its clients through property acquisitions and investment opportunities. Consisting of a team of experienced professionals with expertise in software development, engineering, and finance, Phoenix Capital Group boasts over 60 years of combined experience in the energy sector with a focus on capital deployment and asset management.

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