Scott Meyers

Jr. Data Analyst

Scott Meyers is a Jr. Data Analyst in the Acquisitions department, holding a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration, with a diverse background that includes founding AnswerTech Marketing and working as an Operations & Business Consultant at CrossRoads Enterprise. He specializes in business and data analysis, solving complex problems, and developing insights.

Originally from Northern Colorado, Scott enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors with his family. An interesting fact about Scott is that he was featured on the front page of the Rocky Mountain News and Channel 9 News at the age of 9 after being lost in the woods for over 72 hours, an experience that further fueled his passion for the outdoors.

Scott is committed to continuous learning and aims to enhance his skills within the oil and gas industry, hoping to contribute valuable insights that will elevate Phoenix Capital Group to greater heights.

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