Kristian Fulkerson

Software Engineer

Kristian Fulkerson, a Software Engineer in the Technology department, brings several years of experience to the team. A graduate of the University of California, Riverside, Kristian specializes in full-stack web development and database management. One of Kristian’s notable professional achievements includes spearheading the development and construction of a specialized admin system to support the business processes of Phoenix Capital Group’s investment portal.

Outside of work, Kristian enjoys playing sports and chess, going on hikes, and watching movies with his wife and children. What Kristian values most about the job is the close bond within the team and the significant role he plays in the projects. Guided by the motto “Success is a team sport,” Kristian aspires to contribute his passion for collaborative teamwork and his problem-solving skill to Phoenix Capital Group. He hopes to play an integral role in advancing the company’s vision and objectives through technology.

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