Jasmine Sun

Jasmine Sun, our Social Media Manager in the Marketing department, brings several years of industry experience to Phoenix Capital Group. Previously, she worked as a specialized social media strategist, demonstrating proficiency in content creation, brand development, and social media management. Her portfolio showcases collaborations with over 140 businesses across diverse sectors, where she enhanced their online presence and community engagement.

Apart from her career endeavors, Jasmine is an avid traveler and passionate foodie, constantly exploring new cuisines and dining experiences. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, cherishing every moment shared with her loved ones.

Her favorite aspect of the job is helping Phoenix Capital Group narrate its remarkable one-of-a-kind story and journey. Dedicated to fostering a robust online community, Jasmine is committed to amplifying the brand’s image, driving meaningful interactions, and contributing to Phoenix Capital Group’s overarching success and mission.

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