David McDonald

Partner, Senior GIS analyst

David McDonald, a Senior GIS Analyst with over 15 years in the Technology department, holds a Masters in Geographic Information Science from the University of Denver. Starting as an intern geologist at El Paso Oil and Gas, he transitioned to a full-time Geotechnical Analyst, mastering systems like Petra and Geographix while expanding the usage of ArcGIS. Later, David served as a Senior Geotechnical Analyst at Whiting Petroleum, supporting geologists and managing drilling programs. Now at Phoenix Capital Group, he utilizes his expertise in ArcGIS, data management, and spatial analysis to provide data, maps, and support, playing a crucial role in the company’s success.

Hailing from Freeport, Illinois, David is passionate about hiking and enjoys playing board games with friends and family. He is also an avid tabletop gamer and a skilled miniature painter. David’s favorite part of his job is the diversity of tasks and projects at Phoenix Capital Group, where he thrives on overcoming challenges and difficulties. David aspires to contribute by utilizing his skills to solve complex problems and facilitate the growth and success of Phoenix Capital Group.

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