Cameron Bonner

Land Associate

Cameron Bonner, our Land Associate in the Land department, brings several years of valuable experience to Phoenix Capital Group. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in finance, Cameron excels in STR (Surface, Title, and Regulatory) expertise and demonstrates proficiency in determining the gross acreage of a section—a skill honed during his tenure with Marr Oil & Gas Ltd.

Hailing from Rockwall, TX, Cameron is passionate about basketball, video games, outdoor activities, and exercise. At Phoenix Capital Group, his favorite aspect of the job is the camaraderie with his coworkers. Inspired by his father, who also worked in the Oil and Gas industry, Cameron aspires to further his career as a Landman, aiming for roles such as a Division Order Analyst or Lease Analyst in the future. He aims to contribute to Phoenix Capital Group by fostering a positive work atmosphere and ensuring accurate data compilation in his role.

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