Adam Josephson

Partner, Vice President of Land & Title

Adam Josephson, a Partner and the VP of Land & Title in the Land department at Phoenix Capital Group, boasts over 12 years of tenure in the industry. With a Bachelor’s Degree from Binghamton University, Adam garnered valuable experience as a Field Landman at Holland Services and later as a Senior Landman at Ferrari Energy, LLC. His key skills include meticulous attention to detail in due diligence, multitasking, and a deep understanding of regulations across multiple states.

One of Adam’s notable professional achievements is managing the due diligence for the City of Thornton deal, marking one of the largest transactions undertaken by Phoenix at that time. Outside of work, he is a big fan of Denver Nuggets and enjoys woodworking and spending quality time with his wife and dogs.

Adam’s favorite aspect of the job lies in its dynamic nature, presenting new challenges daily and requiring creative problem-solving. He aspires to see Phoenix continue growing from a small start-up to a true giant in the industry.

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