Phoenix Capital Group Partners with The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show on iHeartRadio

Phoenix Capital Group has announced a new partnership with the popular talk radio show, The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. The partnership will see Phoenix Capital Group become a featured sponsor on the program, which airs nationally on iHeartRadio.

As part of the sponsorship, Phoenix Capital Group will provide financial expertise and insights to the show’s listeners, who are primarily interested in news, politics, and current events. The show’s hosts, Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, are well-known commentators and analysts in the field of conservative politics, and their program has a large and devoted following across the United States.

According to Phoenix Capital Group, the partnership with The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show is a natural fit for the firm. Phoenix Capital Group has a long history of working with clients in the oil and gas industry, and has built a reputation for providing innovative financial solutions and expert advice to its clients.

By partnering with The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, Phoenix Capital Group hopes to reach a broader audience and share its expertise with a wider range of listeners. As the release notes, the show’s listeners are highly engaged and interested in the issues that Phoenix Capital Group specializes in, making it an ideal platform for the firm to showcase its expertise and insights.

The partnership is also expected to provide benefits for the show’s listeners, who will have access to valuable financial information and advice from Phoenix Capital Group. As the release notes, the firm’s financial experts will be available to answer questions and provide guidance on a wide range of financial topics, including investing, retirement planning, and wealth management.

Overall, the partnership between Phoenix Capital Group and The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show is an exciting development that has the potential to benefit both the firm and the show’s listeners. By providing valuable financial insights and expertise, Phoenix Capital Group is helping to educate and empower a new generation of investors and financial professionals, while also building its own brand and reputation in the industry.


Listen to Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on iHeart Radio here.

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