Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC Sheds Light on How Their Land Department Has Grown and Evolved Over Time

he following article, authored by Adam Josephson, VP of Land at Phoenix Capital Group, aims to educate landowners and the general public on how the Land Department of PCG has developed.

The Land Department at Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC has grown and evolved over time. In the beginning, there were just a few of us focusing on North Dakota. While we were small, we had a mighty vision – create a company that is focused on Main Street and not Wall Street. Land ownership is not only the American dream, but it is the story of your family. At Phoenix Capital Group, we understand that your minerals are not just property, they are your family’s heritage.

Our mission is not only to give you an accurate valuation of your minerals but to also understand your family’s story. Many families have owned their property for decades, so we know that a decision to sell your mineral interest is not just about the money. As the Land Department has grown, we have built a culture that embraces attention to detail. We strive to provide detailed information to our clients such as when they acquired their interest, the history of ownership, and hopefully some interesting information that they did not already know. There is a lot of information in the public records, and the Land Department at Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC attempts to capture the most meaningful details. Phoenix Capital Group will never know a family’s full story by just looking at deeds and estate records. However, we believe these notes are an essential component in building lasting relationships with our clients and shows our commitment to treating every client with the respect they deserve. When a client sells to Phoenix Capital Group we become a part of that client’s family history. We will always work to be a positive chapter in that story, with the goal of providing an opportunity for a more stable and prosperous future.

Why Has an Owner Not Been Paid?

You may have asked yourself, “I signed an oil and gas lease, why have I never been paid any royalties?” Or, “I think my grandpa owned minerals, how do I transfer the interest to me?” Or, “Why am I only receiving half of the payments I should be receiving?” There are a number of reasons, and Phoenix Capital Group specializes in figuring out why. The Land Department at PCG is responsible for identifying the current mineral and royalty owners using public records available at County Clerk and Recorder’s Offices across the country. The laws and rules for recording public records vary from State to State, and many Counties have their own rules that only apply to that specific county. Our Land Department has combined decades of experience in the oil and gas industry in many states including North Dakota, Texas, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We have the ability to deploy team members across the country to gather documents, as well as extensive experience with online databases, so we are able to efficiently meet the needs of our clients. Phoenix Capital Group has helped families resolve issues that have plagued them for years. We work with operators to resolve complex title defects. There are some situations that cannot be fixed, but the team at Phoenix Capital Group is able to make a comprehensive evaluation of the most difficult problems and provide a plan on how to resolve them.

About Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC:

Phoenix Capital Group offers services to help mineral rights owners understand their opportunities in both retaining and cashing out of their ownership positions. Phoenix Capital Group also provides opportunities for people to partner with and invest alongside the Company. Their focus is on educating, serving, and guiding their clients with integrity and humility. If you would like to better understand your options from a friendly industry professional, give them a call at (213) 316-8720.

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Curious about what we do? Check out this article written by our VP of Land, Adam Josephson for an overview of Phoenix Capital Group’s Land department, what they do, their value to Phoenix Capital Group, and how the Land department contributes to our client transparency. Contact us today to start your evaluation process – (213) 316-8720

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